The tournaments of Silva O 'Camp Vidnava are in full swing at OLAND

Silvia O'Campa's orienteers in Vidnava, Czech Republic, have win after win at OLAND's outfit. The official clothes in the competition - T-shirts, trousers, vests and jackets - are branded OLAND. The...


"Gladiators on Bikes" will cross the race with OLAND clothes

GLADIATORS ON BIKES: For the first time in Bulgaria and perhaps in the Balkans, an official event of this type will take place – a race at such a long distance (550 km). The event is a pilot project t...


“Tryavna ultra” choose OLAND

Тryavna is not a coincidentally selected destination – it is one of the most charming cities in Bulgaria, which has preserved the spirit of the mountain, an attractive place for tourists and nature lo...


Bulgarian cup orienteering 2017

From June 2nd to June 4th in Samokov, Bulgaria the competitions for the Bulgarian Cup in orienteering were held. Participation in the races took both Bulgarian and international competitors. OLAND ga...


OLAND has developed a new model of T shirts with ventilation panels

OLAND has developed a new model of T shirts with ventilation panels


OLAND supported the young talent Yasna Petrova

Yasna Petrova- Bulgaria Cup - 1 place, DP 12-18 - sprint 1 place G16, long 2nd place, SEEOC relay - 1 place, Velikden Cup W 21E: one man relay -2, Sprint 4, Long- 3, : (Under 16), 1500 m - 3rd place,...


The new brand OLAND get started

OLAND is a European brand specializing in the production of individual sportswear. The project involved a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering ar...