[ Women's wear ]





Sizes: S M L XL XXL

Ergonomic cut for complete freedom and comfort in motion.

Anatomically shaped cut around the hips.

Elastic ending at the hips stood tightly on the body.

The wedge has a soft, easy-absorbing and cross-securing back.

* The model has a neoprene pad to prevent discomfort during long operation.

* Wide silicone inner strips stop picking up the legs.

• The short wedge material absorbs moisture from the skin.

• The outer layer of the material is low in absorption.

• The material used is highly windproof.

• The model is suitable for both lovers and professionals.

• The short wedge is suitable for use at temperatures above 15-20 degrees.

• The material is quick drying and easy to maintain.

• The short wedge material prevents wear during prolonged use.