Merino wool

Merino Wool is made of the finest grades of wool from Merino sheep. It is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin. The core of Merino Wool is hydrophilous (retains moisture) and breathable.

Resistex materials for better performance

Resistex Bioceramic is a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals and capable of performing an action highly beneficial to the human body. On the one hand a natural absorbing function against h...

Flatlock seams

Flatlock seams are extremely flat, they dosn't cause skin irritation and ensure greater resilience in the crucifixion of clothes.

Innovative S by S technology in socks producing

In OLAND we use innovative S by S technology seamlessly closing the toes of socks. S by S is truly a revolutionary method in the production of socks. Thanks of that increases the feeling of comfort an...


Advanced Coolmax® technology will change your usual idea of ​​clothing. This fabric will allow you to experience unique comfort both in everyday life and during intense sports loads. In addition to t...

For every athlete is very important to use the best wear and the latest technologies. We from OLAND perfectly understand that and we use the best and the latest developments. Here are some of the fabrics and yarns that we use: