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Welcome to OLAND sport!

OLAND is an European brand specialized in custom sportswear. The project is represented by a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering are a way of living. As a global brand, part of Scandinavia Clothing Company, we guarantee the high quality of our products.

At OLAND our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the athletes. Every one of our clients can feel the passion for racing built into the textiles of our products. OLAND works with athletes in order to understand their needs and to always be a leading company in the world of sports. Their testing results in our products being the best. Although that team behind the project is very experienced OLAND is still quite a new brand, which is why we cannot show you a long history, but we promise that with your help, we will make it long and worth remembering. Together!



Orienteering wear


Shorts Air

Comfortable and suitable for running shorts. Made of elasticated waistband and inner waistband strap, these shorts have breathable side panels for added running comfort. > Elastic waist > Feel soft touch > Extended side panels > 97% polyester 3% elastane > Can be...


Yasna Petrova

Yasna Petrova! She is part of the young athletes supported by OLAND. A magnificent racer with enormous potential, unbeatable both in her age and in elite groups. She is always smiling and full of ener...


“Tryavna ultra” choose OLAND

Тryavna is not a coincidentally selected destination – it is one of the most charming cities in Bulgaria, which has preserved the spirit of the mountain, an attractive place for tourists and nature lo...


Silva O camp 2018

Successfully completed Silva O Camp 2018 in Vidnava, Czech Republic. Over 300 children aged 8 to 18 years, from 11 countries, participated in the competitions. OLAND had the honor of cooperating...